About us

Ángela Guerra,  Sandra Alonso y Pablo Acuña.

We are a TIMMIS team.

We carry out this Project with TIMMIS and the Spanish Language Foundation.


Transfronterizos, Inclusivos, Multidisciplinares, Multiculturales  con visión Internacional  Sostenible.

TIMMIS encourages entrepreneurship at University. In coordination with the Chamber of Foreign Commerce of the University of Valladolid, work teams like ours are formed in order to develop a business idea, this is ours.


Why? Because we work with the Spanish Language Foundation. Our mentor is Natalia Martín, director of the Foundation. The aim of the Foundation and ours is to spread the Spanish language and its culture in Valladolid. The Foundation is an accredited center by the Instituto Cervantes and highly recognized in the teaching of Spanish.


This is our project to bring those interested in the world of wine and in learning Spanish closer to Valladolid:

We offer A journey through the culture and language in Valladolid to learn Spanish through the wine. We achieve linguistic immersion in the cradle of Spanish and immersion in the wine culture in Valladolid, the city of wine.



Photos: flickr camaracomercioexterior