Wine tourism

What is enotourism?

The word enotourism —wine tourism— has its roots in the Greek etymology. It comes from “Oinos” which means “wine” and tourism, that has its Latin origin of “tornus”. It reached the Spanish language through the imprints of English and French. The first time the word wine tourism appeared was in 2005 when the VINTUR organization established the first official definition of ‘enotourism’:

“The product consisting of the integration under the same thematic concept of the existing and potential tourist resources and services of interest in a wine-growing area”.

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Visit to 3 Denominations of Origin

We are visiting the three areas closest to the city of Valladolid: Rueda, Cigales and Ribera de Duero. The program includes three visits to three wineries. The visits will consist of sightseeing the town, a guided tour of the winery and a tasting. For the comfort of the student, transportation is always included.

The wineries that we will visit will be published soon. Meanwhile, these are the official pages of the wine routes that you are going to know:

Rueda Wine Route

Cigales Wine Route

Ribera de Duero Wine Route      

We bring you closer to the world of wine

We will visit wineries and vineyards to learn about the winemaking process first-hand, always accompanied by experts from the environment. The province of Valladolid has 5 Denominations of Origin, click on the map to know more about them!